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"I have been coming to Pilates for more than four years which is by far the longest commitment I have made to any form of exercise.
I think key reasons are I find the classes challenging but rewarding and therapeutic. I leave the sessions feeling invigorated. My main reason for starting Pilates was to improve my back pain. It has definitely helped with this to the point where I rarely experience back pain. 
I can highly recommend Pilates Body Studio."

"My introduction to Pilates began 18 years ago following an Achilles injury.

I recall a careful and measured introduction and the thrill I had watching others move with confidence on the equipment. I was able to transform my body through Pilates, it has helped to keep me fit, increase my flexibility and core strength  and from time to time helped me to cope with and overcome injuries and illness.

A breast cancer diagnosis in 2013 was made more bearable through the discipline of Pilates.  I looked forward to my usual Pilates sessions and even more appreciated the comradeship of those around me both instructors and participants. 

When I lay on the reformer and moved any pain I was experiencing dissipated and I was able to demonstrate that I had retained my core strength and could move with grace irrespective of the treatment I was going through.  Pilates is a key element in my life and I look forward to continuing to enjoy it for many years to come."

"Pilates has kept my body young …….the regular company on a Saturday morning and the transition it provides  from work to the weekend has also kept my soul young.

I have particularly enjoyed the professionalism, care and competence of our instructors and although I have enjoyed them all I particularly salute: Matt, Polly and Paul.

"Maree and her team at the Body Studio were a revelation for me.

Having decided to come out of retirement for another crack at Ironman Triathlon I knew I needed an edge to get over a decade of too much work and not enough exercise and the 13 years since my last race. I had no idea what that edge was until I started Pilates with Maree.

After a few months I said to Maree that if I had to choose between an extra run, swim or bike session I would choose to do extra Pilates instead. Maree and her team are incredible at what they do."

"I have been a Pilates follower for many years and I couldn’t imagine life without Pilates now.  I developed back problems many years ago while living in London and after many months of physio and painkillers was despairing of ever feeling normal again or even having a normal life. Then I discovered a small Pilates studio near to my work and honestly it changed my life, I felt pain free and could move freely again – and I just loved doing Pilates.

I had never done anything like it before but it was amazing.  I was very disappointed when I moved to NZ and there were no Pilates Studios in Auckland. I joined a gym but only went for about 6 weeks before realising it was doing me nor my back any favours, and I hated the whole gym thing. So I was absolutely delighted when Maree opened her infamous ‘bedroom club’ which then turned into the studio we all know and love today.

I go to class once a week, mostly to the Allegro class as I find it gives me a real workout which I love, but also keeps me mobile and healthy, and I feel so good afterwards. It’s never an effort to go, even after all this time I still know how great I will feel after class and love being involved in something that is so holistic.  

Each class is adapted to how everyone feels on that particular day. I honestly think if I didn’t do Pilates now I would be on permanent anti-inflammatory medication and certainly not be as fit or strong as I am today and certainly not be able to do the sports I love, walking, tramping, golf and skiing.

The studio classes are wonderful as well. I seem to only go to studio classes if I have a sporting injury and find the instructors so knowledgeable and helpful – I know Pilates helps in rehabilitation and I have certainly needed that a few times!

I often do a few Pilates exercises at home, especially when I have been sitting working at the computer for hours. A few Pilates breaths, a few pelvic tilts, a few sit ups ahhhh feeling better already!  Maree and Co you are life savers, all of you and I thank you all so much. 


"I was first introduced to the idea of Pilates by my mother who had heard Maree on a radio interview sometime in the mid 1990’s. At the time I was suffering from a prolapsed disc and multiple stress fractures which were threatening to end my career as a professional sportsman.

So I met Maree and the team at the Body Studio, and over the rest of my career this would be my place of refuge and repair, not only did the team get me back to full health and on the sports field they taught me so much more; the importance of breathing, of good posture of fluid movement and flow. All of these lessons I carry with me today and as I type this I find myself sitting taller.

I would completely and utterly recommend Maree and her Body Studio to anyone who is serious about health, fitness and a wider sense of wellness.

The Body Studio was promoting these things long before they were hash tags and catch phrases of the new world. Above all else the Body Studio is a great place to hang and just be." 

Dion Nash - former sports hack
"I began the Pilates method after having suffered a reasonably serious disc pro-lapse in my lower spine. Until then I had always been active and pursued such vigorous sports as windsurfing, skiing, basketball and running.
What began as a slow, painful and often frustrating rehabilitation regime has become an important part of my ongoing and general well-being.
I have been thrilled to achieve my goals of windsurfing and surfing again to the same level as before. The ever-present instructing team at the Pilates Body Studio have been a big part of helping me achieve recovery and results beyond my expectations."
“I noticed a change in my body after a few weeks ...... I feel energised and graceful and relaxed!”





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