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Optimising sports performance

The Pilates Body Studio optimises performance for athletes, recreational runners and young, developing athletes or for any sport that is your hobby.

Athletes these days are becoming increasingly aware of how important core stability and movement efficiency is for attaining peak performance.  With the need to run faster, jump higher, move more quickly and reduce the potential for injury, athletes are searching for the highest quality programme with this emphasis. They have realised what Pilates practitioners have known for years: it is no longer enough to train harder, they must train smarter.

Pilates Body Studio can apply all the necessary diagnostic skills to assess the weaknesses in your movement patterns and design a program that will catapult your athletic performance to new levels, helping you fulfil your ultimate potential.

Every program at Pilates Body Studio is specifically designed for your individual needs. We offer one-on-one tuition with our fully qualified Pilates instructors. Once a certain level of competence is achieved, clients work in small groups of four in the studio sessions where they will be individually guided to practise their specific program.  Every client is closely monitored so that their program progresses in intensity to a level appropriate for their personal requirements.  Other options are to partake in the group reformer or mat classes - there is also a specific Men's class on a Monday at 12pm.

Many core stability programs comprise a bunch of plank holds and Swiss ball exercises, but these don’t address the techniques of correct abdominal recruitment and breathing. They encourage core rigidity rather than the dynamic core stability with mobility that is so important in the elite athlete. Oxygen is vital for achieving maximum performance and therefore correct breathing is essential. At the Pilates Body Studio we can address correct breathing strategies, educate on diaphragmatic breathing and maximise ribcage expansion. 

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