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About Us

Established in 1996, the Pilates Body Studio is the first Pilates studio to open its doors in New Zealand.

Maree Seerden, founder of the Studio, has been a devotee to the technique for 28 years; she started teaching Pilates based exercises in 1992 in London at the famous Body Control studios in South Kensington under the auspices of Gordon Thomson.

As Pilates has grown in popularity, the Pilates Body Studio now receives referrals from health and medical professionals from around New Zealand . Maree also lectures and presents workshops on the Pilates method to various medical and health organisations on an ongoing basis, and has presented classes at international conferences.

Maree Seerden makes multiple overseas trips annually to further increase her knowledge of Pilates and trains with masters from all around the world. She always comes back inspired and motivated and shares her new ideas with staff and clients.

Maree with sons Ivo & Luca
Maree is also the New Zealand Licensee and  Educator for Polestar Pilates Education USA. Polestar Pilates Education offers training and certification programmes throughout the world and is widely considered to be the most stringent and modern method of Pilates certification available today. In New Zealand many physiotherapists, osteopaths and fitness trainers have become Polestar Pilates certified.

The Pilates Body Studio is used as the training centre for Polestar Pilates Education certification programmes. Studios that are Polestar training centres are at the forefront of advances in Pilates techniques and, therefore, are better equipped to pass these advances to their clients. Because of our commitment to Polestar Pilates Education and the constant evolvement and refinement of Pilates methodologies, the staff at the Pilates Body Studio continuously update their teaching skills to incorporate these new trends into their clients' regimen for maximum benefits.
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