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The Pilates method is a movement efficiency programme with an emphasis on improving posture and core trunk stability, strengthening muscles and improving joint flexibility.  Owner Maree Seerden introduced Pilates to New Zealand in 1995 and the experienced Polestar Pilates Studio team continues to lead the way, offering unique tailored programmes for individuals and small groups, including men's and children's classes.. 

Polestar Pilates Studio is also the training centre for Polestar Education, the internationally recognised leader in Pilates instructor training and certification - so rest assured you're in good hands.


To find out if Pilates is right for you, or to book a personal fitness assessment call (09) 303 2211, or click on the BOOK NOW icon below. You can also contact us via email.
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Sophie Lax 150h   Introducing Sophie Lax, our resident ACC-approved Physiotherapist

Sophie is an experienced women’s health specialist from London with over a decade of industry experience.

Since qualifying from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, she has spent her career developing her skills through experience in both the public and private sectors.
As a specialist in both MSK (muscles and bones) and women’s health, her skill set is ideally suited to the treatment of all pregnancy-related problems as well as sports injuries, spinal pain, chronic pain and arthritis.

Utilising this combination of clinical skills Sophie has helped hundreds of patients through their rehabilitation journey and is focused on minimising the stress and pain that can accompany pregnancy.

Sophie is highly qualified and has continued professional development throughout her career. In 2009 she commenced her post-university training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute focusing on deploying Pilates as a tool for rehabilitation.

Last year she became a certified Practitioner for Rehabilitation through Polestar UK, one of the highest standards in Pilates education.

Your first physio session with Sophie will normally be for an hour. With her holistic approach, Sophie will thoroughly assess you and your treatment may include manual therapy, exercise coaching, exercises on Pilates equipment and home exercises.
You and Sophie will decide what the best options are for you to get the best possible recovery. We also have an extensive referral network if you need other help.

Click here or on the above picture to book a session with Sophie.  

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About Pilates

Pilates is a unique exercise system designed to stretch and strengthen the entire body while calming and quieting the mind.
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Group Pilates Classes 

Group Pilates classes are an enjoyable, affordable way to experience Pilates exercise and are suitable for uninjured people wanting the general health and fitness benefits that Pilates provides.
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Studio Classes

Studio classes are highly personalised. They are taught one on one or in semi-private lessons with typically 1-4 students per instructor.
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Relief from pain and injury

"My back used to hurt all the time and now I don't feel it anymore" is a phrase we hear a lot from people who do Pilates regularly. So what is it about Pilates that works so well for pain relief?

Optimising sports performance

A well balanced Pilates programme creates movement efficiency enhancing any recreational or elite athletes performance.

Staying active/injury prevention

With our busy lifestyles it is important to make time to work proactively on our health instead of waiting until an injury occurs.

Core Align

Part mind-body, part cardio, part strength and totally unique!

Improved alignment and posture

In the process of strengthening your “core” muscles Pilates re-educates your body awareness. Posture and body alignment are improved. 


I noticed a change in my body after a few weeks ...... I feel energised and graceful and relaxed!

Joanne Mills


Partnerships / Affiliations

The Polestar Pilates Studio is a training studio for Polestar Pilates Education, which is an international Pilates Instructor training programme, and recently we hosted a number of workshops with USA-based Dr. Brent Anderson, the founder and CEO of Polestar Pilates. 
Here you can see one of our valued studio clients having a great movement experience with Brent to access more spine mobility. Thanks Paul!


  • Qualified Physiotherapists on staff
  • Polestar certified





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